Our Services

Mastroddi's certified technicians use the latest technologies and tools to repair your vehicle and bring it back to pre-collision condition. We are a full service auto body repair company, doing all work on our premises in our state of the art facility.

  • FREE Computerized Estimates: Estimates done quickly by our expert technicians.
  • Collision and Dent Repair: Mastroddi will bring your car to pre-collision condition, fast!
  • Mechanical and Suspension Repairs: Our certified technicians can rebuild and repair your vehicle's undercarriage; fixing your steering, braking, and suspension systems. You'll be ecstatic with the results!
  • Laser in Body and Frame Realignment: Frame damage can destroy the structural foundation of your vehicle. Today more than ever, it takes precision tools to accurately measure your car's frame alignment. This precision can only come from laser technology. At Mastroddi, we use the latest laser technology to accurately measure your car's frame alignment before, during, and after repairs ensuring that your vehicle's frame is properly aligned for driving safety and to your complete satisfaction.
  • Computerized Diagnostics: Let's face it, today's cars are run by computers! Almost every system in modern vehicles is controlled by a computer such as your engine, braking system, Steering, and air conditioning. Modern vehicles need modern equipment and technologies to detect problems so they can be fixed. You'll be happy to know that Mastroddi uses state of the art equipment and electronic diagnostic tools to detect problems and monitor the health of your car's electronics.
  • Laser Wheel Alignment and Tire Balancing: When accuracy counts, come to Mastroddi. We use the latest laser technologies to ensure your car will perform better after it leaves our facility than when it first came in.
  • Vehicle Electrical Repairs: Mastroddi Technicians are experts in car electrical systems. We can diagnose and repair hard-to-find electrical problems.
  • Air Conditioning Service: Don't sweat those hot summer days! Let Mastroddi maintain and repair your auto air conditioning system. We are specialists in the field.
  • Auto Glass Replacement: Got a broken window or windshield? We can repair your windows and windshield quickly.
  • Complete Auto Detailing: When you want your vehicle to look its best!
  • 24 hour Towing Service: Stuck? Call us anytime.
  • Insurance Claim Assistance: Need help completing all of those confusing insurance forms? We can help. We've been dealing with insurance companies since 1977.
  • Rental Car Assistance: Need a car to get around while your vehicle is being repaired? We can help arrange a rental for you.